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In the beginning of spring 2017 we wanted to introduce and organise the third route of the Dust Lust series; the Dust Lust NW. Unfortunately a chain of events happened that prevented us from doing so. As a lot of you have probably heard by now, our HQ and source of income is facing eviction problems due to new ownership of the building where Pici Bici operates. This leaves us in an unsure position as race organisers because we will loose a very important meeting/starting point location and a place to call home.

 Our minds are currently preoccupied with finding a new place and figuring out the transition and therefore we feel it’s best to postpone the Dust Lust NW to the spring of 2018. We want everything to be perfect when it comes to Dust Lust and at the moment we feel that it is not possible for us to do our best. The existing Dust Lust events will definitely happen and we’ll keep you posted about that. Our main event; the Dust Lust SW, already has a set date and you can mark it in your calendars. For other news and dates feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know.

Thank you for being patient and for understanding the situation we’re in. We hope to see you at the start line this summer!

Marko & Klemen

Read about what happened to Pici Bici and what you can do to help.

Get stoked about Dust Lust SW.

Leto 2017 smo želeli začeti z novim Dust Lust dogodkom, Dust Lust NW. Na žalost nam nedavni splet okoliščin onemogoča organizacijo po naših najboljših močeh in zaradi tega smo se odločili, da dogodek premaknemo v leto 2018. Kot vam je verjetno znano se je Pici Bici trgovina znašla v podnajemniških težavah, ki nas postavljajo v negotovo situacijo glede izvedbe Dust Lust dogodkov. Predvsem pa je naša pozornost trenutno posvečena iskanju nove lokacije ter izvedbi selitve Pici Bici trgovine.
 V Dust Lust vedno vložimo vse svoje moči z željo po čim boljši organizaciji kar se nam pa ta trenutek žal zdi nemogoče. Ne glede na vse pa letos zagotovo organiziramo obstoječa Dust Lust dogodka, Dust Lust SE in SW. Slednji ima že točno določen datum in sicer 28. Oktober, prvi se pa odvija v začetku poletja. Več informacij sledi.

Hvala za potrpežljivost in razumevanje. Se vidimo na štartni liniji!

Marko & Klemen

Preberite si bolj natančno kaj se je zgodilo s Pici Bici in kako lahko pomagate.

Navdušite se nad Dust Lust SW.

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