Dust Lust je serija nepodprtih kolesarskih tekem po stranskih poteh in makadamih Slovenije. Tekmovalci se po neoznačenih trasah gibajo s pomočjo navigacijskih naprav ali predpripravljenih zemljevidov. Z GPS zapisom poti pa na cilju dokažejo pristnost svoje vožnje. Ni vmesnih postaj, ni spremstva, ni pomoči. Kdor najhitreje prikolesari v cilj, je zmagovalec.

Dust Lust is a series of unsupported bicycle races across the backroads of Slovenia. It was held for the first time in October of 2015 with a 170km long route that covered around 3000m of elevation. An additional route has been planned for 2016 and a third one can be expected in the spring of 2017. By 2018, Dust Lust will be held on every season of the year as new routes get introduced on a yearly basis.

The Dust Lust rules are simple: participants have to ride the unmarked routes using a navigation device or prearranged maps and prove the accuracy of their ride by presenting the gps files at the finish line. The rider that comes to the finish line fastest is the winner.